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Web Design Plan for Conversion

A website that doesn’t attract traffic is dangerous for an online business. It holds no assurance of conversion and sales. It is why it is always advised to trace back all methods employed during the campaign in order to determine all mistakes which were done along the course.

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Most online businesses who have encountered the same problem consider going back to one of the basics, yet important aspects of driving traffic – web design. As a business owner, you should be aware that business on the web works a lot different compared to the real world. You have to be aware of the trends.

Keep in mind that in the online realm, what’s useful today may not be useful on the next month. Make your ears and eyes wide open for all the changes that take place almost every time. If you are doing business for a long time, you must know that trends entice users – users who will be converted to customers – customers who will purchase your offers.

Talking about trends, what are the most applicable methods for today which can help your business grow and lead your sales up the roof?

Follow the 3 Conversion Elements


Limit the Choices

It seems ideal to place all your offers in one page alone, considering that they won’t have to jump into various pages and get tired from clicking and loading pages. If it’s one thing you wouldn’t want to overlook, then consider also the possibility of making your users overwhelmed by what they’ll see. This could confuse them. So limit your choices.

Include Attractive Images

Readers are engaged on websites with attractive images. Keeping them relevant to the content is important as it boosts the message conveyed by the site. Avoid pixelated photos, and design the image intelligently. Quality and correct positions are all necessary considerations in dealing with images.

Provide Call to Actions

There are several options for call to actions and you have to consider which among them works best. First is the Dropbox. Dropbox is pretty simple, yet powerful in calling the attention of users. It makes your website accessible at any device in the world. Second is the Square. The iPad with the square reader has a visible obvious appearance to the right, and the Get Started blue button sticks out from the brown background. And the third is Uber. It is emotionally appealing through its images in the sliding carousel of the home page.

Consider Mobile and Valuable Resource

Primarily, you have to consider getting mobile because mobile users are increasing. Most users resort to devices as they are easier to access, with as much searching power as desktop and laptop computers. With that in mind, your website has to reach those mobile users by keeping your online store responsive.

It is also important to keep your contents fresh. Focus on creating high-quality information that provide a solution to recent problems. Keep users enticed and thrilled about something new and valuable. In short, provide something that serves as a valuable resource.

The Layout Aspect

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Flat design is the most ideal design every online business has to embrace. Though being flat, it aims to speed up loading time of the site, and drive focus on what’s most important information. Grid-style layouts are also very helpful nowadays. Consider it as a fashion that puts a huge value on user experience.


This is a good plan to start with as per utilizing methods on how to drive traffic and convert them to customers. There are a lot of reasons why you are not making the most out of your campaign. Consider your web design first. Ask help from experts like Sagad Web Design to help you determine what factors in web designing you have overlooked at. Nevertheless, this information can help you. Go along with the trends.

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