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Digital Business: Use These Automation Platforms to Boost Online Sales

The Scoop: Automation is a lifesaver when it comes to business. They will be able to give you more time to turn your attention to more pressing matters regarding your business. Utilize automation platforms to boost online sales of your digital business!

Let’s face it, one can’t manage a business all on their own. We’re just human and we can only handle so much juggling with work.

When it comes to sales, admittedly, you will be facing tedious tasks such as diligently nurturing leads that will ultimately turn to paying customers.Unfortunately, that is not the only thing that you do when you managing your online business.

However, with the help of automation tools, you will be able to free up the time from doing tasks that the tools can manage.

Here are some of the tools that you can use to improve your sales and make your tasks easier.


Via Buffer

There are plenty of social media sites that are littering all over the internet. Monitoring and following up on your leads on social media is one of the critical elements to improve conversions. Buffer is the tool that you can use to organize and manage all your social media accounts on one site. You can also automate blog posts on social media and schedule them on when and where to post them.



There have been many rumors that email marketing is dead. Well, that’s what they also said about Search Engine Optimization or SEO. As you can see, both are still hale and hearty. More than 205 billion emails are sent daily. Therefore, email marketing is far from dead. MailChimp helps you send your emails in bulk. No more sending emails one by one.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts
Via Gtricks

Knowledge is key. To create an efficient way to convert leads to sale, you will have to research your market. The price can make or break your product. The type of customer and their demography also matters. All of that can be achieved when you are up-to-date. Including Google Alerts in your strategy is an excellent start to that.

Products Review Add-On

Products Review

Feedback from your customers is one of the most critical components that you need to be able to improve your services. By automating a prompt that will ask for your customers’ reviews, you will be able to gain essential information to boost your services. Furthermore, generating reviews is a big help to your SEO as well.

Automate Your Way to Improved Sales

The days where you are going through all the files and tasks one by one is gone. Automation is going to be the future helper of business owners and marketers.

However, a word of caution. Don’t rely everything on automation. Know when to automate and when to do it manually.

So what is your favorite automation tool?

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