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Even the Most Beautiful Marilyn Monroe Has It

No, you’re not alone. As a matter of fact, even the most beautiful woman, Marilyn Monroe has it. What am I talking about? I know this is an embarrassing topic, but you have to keep in mind that if you ignore this, you will continue to suffer and have an unending pain and discomfort.

Taming Hemorrhoids

Is it even possible? There are people who treat piles seriously. Meanwhile, there are those who simply consider on the number of natural cures available. I came across with TheHemorrhoidCureCenter where they share this e-book full of natural treatments. Personally, I find it helpful and convenient. Perhaps, you can call it simple, yet effective.

Prevention is better than cure

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Would you agree? Surely, you can go under the knife and find yourself free from the bondage of pain and discomfort of piles. But, you have to remember that piles are recurring. This simply means, you may not see it today, yet there would be a greater chance you would see it again on the next day. So, preventing it is totally getting rid of it. Just as you uproot a plant. You will never be able to see the plant grow again when you take it down from its roots.

So, how did the beautiful Marilyn Monroe cope with hemorrhoids?
Just as any other men and women who have been suffering from the intense pain and discomfort brought by piles, you have options. In other words, she has options. Although there were no facts and reliable news how the singer coped with the condition, sufferers can take it from here and they would be on their own.
Coping with Hemorrhoids

It all boils down to making a change. Ditching the bad habits and replacing it with new and better ones. Let’s name them one at a time.


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This is one of the best treatment that can entirely remove piles from your body. Overweight doesn’t just cause your hemorrhoids to flare up, but it also brings a lot of negative effects. Other than getting the risk of heart attack, those extra pounds are not leading you to a healthy you. I always remember what my grandmother always say that we are what we eat. She meant that if you keep on eating meat, most likely you will turn into where the meat is from.
Moreover, too much weight adds pressure on your bottom. When this happens, piles begin to trigger and flare up.


Well, it doesn’t mean you need to do those invigorating activities, rather take it one step at a time. Sooner or later, you will be able to get there. Keep moving. Exercise brings a lot of benefits. Additionally, it is also wise to maintain an active lifestyle. I know your job may just let you stay on your desk the whole time, take time to get moving. This should soothe the appearance of hemorrhoids.

Don’t forget to drink and keep yourself hydrated. You never know what water could bring to your body and to your life. Don’t be embarrassed if you have one. Fight the battle and treat the piles.

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