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Hollywood Hair Hacks To Try For A Celebrity-Like Hair

Celebrities are busy people. It is a part of their life to jet-set around the globe, work for longer hours under spotlights, camera and walk in the red carpet with a purpose to bring entertainment to people. But with all their hectic schedule and lack of time for themselves, they still managed to have their hair looking healthy and perfect.

How are they able to do that? Check out the hair hacks used by celebrities.

Sienna Miller – Tomato Ketchup

Believe it or not, Sienna Miller applied tomato ketchup on her hair under heat for almost a year and a half. This is to restore her hair to normal condition after she dyed her hair red (resulted to pink hair) and brown (resulted to green hair).

Sienna Miller Uses Tomato Ketchup

How Can Tomato Help?

Sienna Miller is a natural blonde and some hair dyes contain copper sulphate which could change the color of the hair to green or reddish color. In the color spectrum, red and green are two opposite colors and Tomato can help neutralize the copper sulphate’s color.

Warning: It doesn’t always work.

Suki Waterhouse – Coca Cola

Suki doesn’t want her hair to look limp but who would have thought that this famous model-actress uses a Coca Cola to make her hair tousled? Yes, you read it right; Suki is using this popular beverage for her hair.

Suki Waterhouse Uses Coca Cola

How Can Coca Cola Help?

The sugar from this drink coats the hair and its residue will give the hair body and volume which will give the hair a nicely tousled look.

Warning: It can cause stickiness and not recommended for sensitive scalp.

Fergie – Olive Oil

Olive oil works great for this singer, songwriter’s hair. Olive oil is a must have for Fergie, especially during tours. She can manage to change hairstyles and put extensions in between songs fast because of this kitchen product. She also loves how it can make her hair feel like silk after she washes it off.

Fergie Uses Olive Oil

How Can Olive Oil Help?

Olive oil can do some good in hair especially if it is combined with water to make a creamy emulsion. It will penetrate in the hair and can work against dryness and in effect it will make the hair silky and smooth just like what natural shampoos can provide.

Warning: Applying olive oil straight from the bottle most probably won’t do any good. Instead, it will just sit and make you look like you caught up in the rain.

Zoe Saldana – Mayonnaise

Zoe loves to try out several natural remedies to see what really works and which can really bring benefits to the skin and hair. And she still applies mayonnaise on her hair to moisturize and condition it.

Zoe Saldana Uses Mayonnaise

How Can Mayonnaise Help?

Mayonnaise is a combination of water, oil and waxes that can help in moisturizing the hair cells. This product can act as a substitute or an alternative for hair conditioners.

Warning: Although it is an alternative, it probably cost more than the cost of conditioners available in the market.

Solange Knowles – Detergent

Beyonce’s little sister got this beauty hacks from their mother. To coarsen up fine hair and achieve an amazing afro look, detergent can be a great use.

Solange Knowles Uses Detergent

How Can Detergent Help?

To get the grease on your hair soap or detergent is an effective product to get the oil out. An afro look is difficult to achieve if your hair is oily and fine.

Warning: Detergent is not recommended to be used on the hair because it will cause dryness and will make the hair brittle.

If you think that being beautiful is an easy feat for celebrities then let it be known to you that it takes not just fame or money to achieve a celebrity-status look. There are times that good old beauty tricks and tips can do the job better. These are just some pretty weird hacks celebrities use. Some of them are good while others can cause more harm than good. So if you want to follow the footsteps of your favorite star why don’t you let your beauty hacks go out of the bag and try them out?

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