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November’s Best Aquatic Horror Movies

If you’re not a swimmer, you are probably afraid of drowning. Hydrophobic individuals are afraid of this. But you may not know, there’s something scarier than that. What could that be? I guess you are aware that Halloween is COMING. Of all the ways to make your Halloween season memorable, you can think of watching scary movies. And what’s even scarier than watching a horror movie that’s inclined to your fear – water? Double FRIGHTENING!

Aside from taking the hydrophobic people into consideration, I’m not quite sure what are other reasons why film makers found water as a source of fear. Could it be that there were monsters a long time ago that reside in water…and that keep living up to now? Or probably, ships are way scarier things than dolls and masks. What do you think? Regardless of what that is, here are the top aquatic horror movies you can watch to make your Halloween days a jumping-and-screaming-out-of-the-room one!

Top 6 Water-Related Horror Movies

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Prepare your DVDs and television set for the scariest movies in the water!

1. Death Ship (2002)

A salvage team finds a long-lost cruise liner in the Bering sea. But without their idea, it has a murderous intent, with all its ghostly inhabitants that for so long aim to uphold death. The entire production will make you jump to your feet and scream at the top of your lungs.

2. Ghost Rig (2003)

A British film, also known as The Devil’s Tattoo. It’s about environmentalists who boarded an oil rig that’s about to sink, unaware of its previous crew, who had fallen victim of evil creatures living in it. All its sound effects will bounce you off your seat. Make the volume sounding to its max!

3. Rogue (2007)

What would you feel seeing a beast in front of you? Scream as you can as this movie will tell you about the story of a tourist who bravely fought a giant crocodile. See how the battle begins and ends. Let’s see how water purples in this movie make you chill with goosebumps all over you.

4. Piranha (2010)

Everyone is aware how harmful piranhas are. They are blood suckers. So when you think of what bloody movie to watch for your Halloween movie marathon, then consider this one. It proves to you that not all ocean waters are safe to swim. See how the protagonists survived the threats of the killer fish.

5. The Reef (2010)

What if while swimming in the ocean, you encounter a deadly shark? The Reef is a story of a crew in a capsized sailboat that manage to get out from the threats of getting eaten by the shark. See how the story begins and ends with a bang.

6. The Ring (Part 1, 2002), (Part 2, 2005)

There is water in the well, but there is a ghost too. The ring is a Japanese horror movie that tells a story of a ghost named Sadako who lives in a well (representing the ring). See what harm does this ghost inflict with the people who happens to watch a recorded videotape. Will the killing end?

November’s fear is coming. And there’s nothing better to spend it than watching aquatic horror movies. Regardless if your water is clean or dirty, may it be from a lake, Aquasafe water filter, or ocean, you don’t know when the ghost comes. Look at the water… it’s one of their signs.

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