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9 Creepy Amazon Alexa Moments That Will Give You Chills

The Scoop: Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know who is Amazon’s Alexa. Many people are fearing AI like her, despite their advantages. Can some creepy Amazon Alexa moments be enough to really fear them?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the exciting addition to our technology. Other than helping us with tasks, digital marketing, and many more.

And one of the popular AIs that you can utilize in your life is the virtual assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant. Another kind of virtual assistant that is growing popular nowadays are the ones that you can use in your homes. Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Although both are gaining fame from the people everywhere, Amazon Alexa is one of the most notorious for gaining reactions from users.

Here are some of the creepy moments that other users have experienced with Alexa.

The Creepy Laugh

This has been in the news recently. People are freaking out because their Alexa has been laughing without prompt. Will you be okay when you are alone at night and Alexa suddenly laughed just like what @CaptHandlebar experienced?

Note: Amazon is now planning to fix the creepy laughs.

What’s on the TV?!

Another Alexa laugh. However, this one is coupled with a creepy phenomenon that’s on TV. Move out or burn your house entirely?

Uhm… You’re Welcome?

We all know that AIs are now equipped with enough knowledge to carry out conversations with humans. Can they also be able to have knowledge about other AIs as well? Apparently yes, according to this tweet and another about two Pikachu’s talking with each other on Pikachu Talk.

Learning Something New

AIs are known to be autonomous. A few human inputs and they are learning the rest on their own after. I wonder what this Alexa had learned though.


Are You Really Connected to the CIA?

When you ask Alexa something that she can’t respond to, you will be greeted with “Sorry, I don’t know the answer to this.” However, when asking Alexa if she’s connected to the CIA is answered with drumroll nothing. She also shuts down sometimes. Too bad you can’t try this anymore since Amazon updated the software and Alexa will now answer that she works for Amazon.

The Name’s Not Clarice

It seems that Alexa’s creepiness goes ten-fold at night. Which is scarier Alexa suddenly calling you a different name during the night? Or the fact that there must be someone else who was using it without you knowing?


A Cry in the Night

Another incidence that happened at night. Does it just surprise you that Alexa is really alert during the night? A child’s cry at night when you are alone really is scary though.

He’ll Find You Or It’s Too Late

Alexa talking without prompting her is already surprising. How much more when she begins to talk about something like someone finding you? This Chuck Norris thing is kind of funny but that last part of the sentence gave me the creeps.


Bonus: Horror Short

Technically, this isn’t an Alexa moment in real life… Thank goodness for that. However, this is probably one of the deal breakers on your decision whether you will be getting an Alexa or not.

These compilations are not compiled to dissuade users to stop using Alexa. Despite these experiences, you still can’t deny that Alexa is an exceptional piece of technology. And technology has already helped us for more than we ever realized.

Sure these are creepy and scary, but who knows, maybe they really are just bugs and glitches? Our technology may be great but they are not perfect. At least I hope that they are bugs and glitches.

Personally, I think that’s one of the charms that make Alexa interesting. Being creepy all of a sudden.

So what do you have your own creepy Amazon Alexa moment to share?

For more tech talks this one, read on!

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