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Elevacity Review: Our Top Picks

Who doesn’t love trying out the healthiest and greenest products out there? But do all of them guarantee top quality and overall effectiveness of these alternatives? These are wise questions to ponder on before trying out new goods, but when we stumbled upon Elevacity, we knew they’re more than meets the eye.

We at Scoopfed love organic products and we just can’t help but celebrate our favorite Elevacity products! Here are our top picks:

Elevate Coffee

We’re in no way heavily caffeine-reliant, but we sure are into coffee for all the right reasons. Coffee has been a part of our everyday life. A hot cup of coffee from our coffee maker or favorite shops helps jumpstart our day. If regular coffee gives this much impact, what if that ‘ol cup of Joe is given a significant upgrade?

Dubbed as Smart Coffee, the Elevate Coffee is made of the following ingredients:

smart coffee

Why Smart Coffee?

What makes it so smart, you say? For one thing, this coffee is packed with nootropics, the cognitive and emotional enhancers found in PEA (Beta Phenylethylamine HCL) and Alpha-GPC. They’d certainly boost and optimize your brain activities.

These supplements are also used in improving the mood. In fact, these are used in treating depression. Thus, Smart Coffee won’t only boost cognitive performance but also work wonders on your emotional state, so you can keep calm and focus on your tasks for the day.

On Weight Lose

Losing weight starts with the right mindset. And with Elevate’s Smart Coffee, the ingredients were designed to aid in controlling a healthy weight by easing up cravings and burning excess fat all over your body!

The potent ingredients work together to give all these profound effects. In just a cup of coffee, you have a blended of polyphenols from Colombian dark roasted coffee, L-Theanine from tea leaves, phenylehtylalanine from Peruvian cocoa powder, fat-burning agents from green coffee bean extract, metabolism and mood boosters from green tea, and lastly, sugar-regulating component from chromium polynicotinate.

Elevated Skin Care

Our next favorite is the Elevated Skin Care products. Elavacity has three skin products for customers to choose from. Namely, they’re Timeless, Eliar Mud and Eliar Serum.

Eliar Mud

eliar mud

We love to get down and dirty, kidding. We love trying out unconventional stuff and see their wonders. Hence, we enjoyed using the Eliar Mud face mask, as it contains organic substances known to minimize signs of aging on the skin.
We may have just found the fountain of youth in Eliar Mud, thanks to the compact and potent antioxidants one pack contains. Here’s a rundown of elements and what they do in the improvement of skin metabolism, reducing of cell stress and activating cellular energy.

  • Peptides. These regulate biochemical processes in cells, stimulating cell regeneration and slowing down aging processes.
  • Sodium maintains water balance within the intercellular level. It also monitors and stimulates proper functioning of skin cells.
  • Potassium is responsible for regulating the skin’s cellular moisture level.
  • Calcium, though mainly responsible for bone health, works on the permeability of cell membranes, providing an anti-inflammatory and toning effect which prevents cellular dehydration.
  • Magnesium maintains cellular balance.
  • Phosphorus is mainly involved and is crucial in metabolic processes.
  • Chlorine. Regulates enzyme activity and participates in the process of water and salt exchange.
  • Iron improves the skin tone.
  • Cortisol stimulates new skin cell formation, enhances smoothing of the skin, providing the skin with a healthy radiance.
  • Vitamins. They hydrate, soften and tone the skin, making it velvety. Vitamins are nourishing and regenerating components, which provide the skin with energy, improves the skins tone and physiological characteristics. They also stimulate formation of new skin cells and enhance the replication capacity.
  • Minerals improve skin structure, as well as the regenerating and metabolic processes in cells.
  • Amino acids. Amino acids are the essential building elements of life.
  • Bioflavonoides are natural antioxidants. They prevent free radicals from entering the cells.


If you’re not a fan of mud masks, Timeless could be the one for you. Timeless is an instant skin tightener, perfect for both men and women. You’re hitting two birds with a stone when using this product because aside from its firming effects, it also improves skin elasticity.

Timeless is made from Nannochloropsis Oculata – a microalgae species that has gone through an intense purification process. Combined with polysaccharides and Vitamins C and B12, this elixir is one full pack of anti-aging properties and skin rejuvenation.

Timeless promotes blood microcirculation on the skin, nutrient absorption and healthy skin metabolism. To top it all off, this doesn’t cake or dry out, leave a powdery residue and discolor your skin no matter your skin type or color.

Eliar Serum

Why not add the Eliar Serum to your daily skin regimen? Complete with Peloid Complex, ginseng extract and vitamin B3, you can never go wrong.

What’s this Peloid complex anyway? To put it simply, it’s the “perfection of natural organics”! Claimed to be the most active natural anti-aging complex, containing more than 800 organic compounds vital for optimal skin functioning.

To provide a holistic approach to skin protection and nourishing, along with Peloid Complex are Castor oil, peppermint leaf, Viola tricolor, algae and ginseng extracts. You can only imagine how much we enjoy applying this serum on our tired faces day and night.



Let’s face it, we all get beaten up by countless stressors day in and day out. It’s almost impossible to keep a straight face, let alone a smile and a good mood. Fortunately, we’ll get all the help we’ll need with Elevacity’s nutraceutical, XanthoMax.

Countless researches found out that a productive and meaningful day highly depends on our perception. Why not give your daily emotional state a boost with their all-natural xanthohumol supplement?

Xanthohumol belongs to the group flavonoids, and they’re responsible for scavenging and neutralizing free radicals. We love xanthohumol because it’s the only natural ingredient on earth that prompts the release of the happy hormone, Oxytocin.

To make XanthoMax even more potent is its turmeric content. Turmeric is an herb used as a curry spice known to have countless benefits in fighting and reversing diseases. Put them together and you have a reduced long-term risk of severe health problems and improved sleeping habits and weight loss to name a few.

These are the reasons why we’re so excited to share about these wonders. Going organic is undoubtedly the trend of this generation, so there’s no point in holding back from trying out these promising natural products only at Elevacity!

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