How Safe Is Your Pets From Springtime Hazards

Spring can be considered as the most beautiful season among the four. As the season change, you might be too busy doing your springtime “what to dos” you forgot that this season might also post a threat to your dear curious pets. Before you get excited with spring and you indulge into any springtime activity, first you have to be sure that your furry friends are safe and far from hazards that the spring season brings.

Since spring is the season of flowers, it is also one of the best time to spend with your family, friends and to your pets. Check out some of the tips that will help you avoid springtime disasters.

Keep Your Spring Decors in Check

Your furry friends are very much fond of nibbling colorful stuffs. Always make sure to keep your pet’s paws off your spring decor like plastic grass, synthetic flower and other fabricated decorations. These decorations can cause them choking or obstructive digestive tract, dehydration and vomiting which can be fatal to them.

Sweet Eater Treats Are Not For Them

Store all your easter treats and sweets in a safe place. The perfect treats for your family for spring could be fatal for your dogs or cats. Sweets and chocolates are always present during this season but make sure that your pet will not get a taste of them. These treats are toxic and fatal if ingested by your pets.

Proper Storage Cleaning and Home Improvement Products

Spring season is cleaning time. But make sure to put all your cleaning and home improvements products in a safe place. Chemicals used for cleaning and home improvement like paints, bleach, disinfectants and solvents contain toxic substances which can pose a serious harm to animals.

Garden Blooms Might Not Be Pet-Friendly

This is the time to let your garden grow but be mindful of the harm it could bring to your pets. These are some of the garden hazards for your animals.

  • Allergies – Just like humans, animals have allergies as well. Most pets are allergic to dust, plants and pollens. Early signs of pet allergies excessive scratching bite and chew a certain part of their bodies.
  • Stomach UpsetsPets loves playing in the grass. Let them be but keep a close watch to them. They tend to make it a habit to nibble the grass that and eating grass in large quantities might cause stomach upsets.
  • Poisonous Plants – There are numerous plants that are poisonous to animals. Rhododendron, sago palm, azalea and Easter lilies are just some of the plants to have to keep pet’s away from.
  • Bugs, Bees and Butterflies – These insects love flowers and so is your dogs, cats and other pets which are not good. Your pets might be an open target for insect stings and bugs infestation.

Dog Check Up

Let your pet enjoy spring just as much as you do but make sure to keep them away from any harm that the season might bring to them. Pay special attention on your pet needs and make sure to give your pets the proper and regular medication they need. If you think your pet have been harmed by these springtime hazards, never hesitate to bring your pet to a trusted veterinary clinic near you for an immediate medication.

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