Is Miracle Berry A Real Life Miracle For Weight Loss?

Can there really be a fruit that could do as much as treating most of the known human diseases? All the research have progressed over the years in the field of medicine. But can we really limit what nature could really possibly do to our health? There has been a fruit that was named miracle. Chef Homaro Cantu rediscovered this fruit, commonly known as Miracle Berry or Fruit. He suggests that if used properly, the fruit can really reduce the need for refined sugar and processed and artificial sweeteners.

Miracle Berry or Miracle Fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum) is a fruit originated from West Africa. Eating this fruit is popular to altering the flavors of certain foods. It can change lemon’s taste from sour to sweet. There have uses identified with this fruit. It has been used to people with diabetes to eat food having no sugar but still tastes sweet. With this, a diabetic person will have a significant decline on sugar consumption. It is also proven that it can help protect against insulin resistance being a health problem linked to diabetes.

Eating this fruit also can help people having chemotherapy. It is noticed that people undergoing chemotherapy are experiencing changes in their sense of taste. It is one of the negative effects of the chemotherapy. This effect results to malnutrition and poor quality of life. It can be prevented when the person concerned can continue eating food with desirable taste.

Miracle Berry as Alternative Sweetener

Miracle Berries contain miraculin. It is a protein that can cause acidic foods having a sour taste to stimulate sweet taste receptors on the tongue. Basically, it makes sour foods taste sweet. After taking in the berry, its effect can only last 30 minutes to an hour. It is available online freeze-dried, frozen or in table form. Its tablets have the longest shelf life. However, they are still considered perishable. Once the packaging is opened, always keep it tightly wrapped in a container. This is suggested to be used in place of table sugar.

Will it work on a diet plan?

Miracle Berries may have benefit for people trying to lose weight. This is because of the reduction of calorie intake. Since the fruit can actually stimulate your taste buds to receive a sweet taste from your food even with the low content of sugar, the calorie intake will decrease evidently. It is known that if more calories are getting into your body, you gain weight afterwards. Conversely, if many are leaving your body, then you would lose your weight. It trims down your weight and cuts off excess curves.

Safety in Consumption

Although taking this Miracle Fruit is just like eating any other fruit, long-term use as fruit supplement is not yet tested to declare as safe. It is still unknown to all research. It is good to note, however, that supplements have not been tested for safety and dietary supplements are widely unregulated. In most cases, production may differ from the indicated amount of each herb. It would not be noted for its safety towards pregnant women, nursing mothers, children and those with medical concerns. Supplements should be taken with a lot of care that they may serve our bodies positively.

Miracle Berries for Health Purposes

You can buy these berries online. It is widely available across the internet. There are also miracle fruit seeds at some nurseries. You can even get Miracle Fruit tablets in many natural-foods stores, especially to stores specializing on dietary supplements.

However, due to limited research done, it is too risky to recommend miracle fruit as a treatment for any health condition. It is also important to note that using Miracle Fruit to treat chronic diseases such as diabetes may be harmful to the person’s health. For any consideration to use this over health purposes, please do consult your physician first.

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