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People with Ostomy: The Three Notables Over the Years

Having a part of your intestine protrude from your stomach might sound bad, but no, it actually isn’t. Coping up with this condition could seem like an uphill battle, but it’s all in the mind. People over the years have managed to live life to the fullest even if they’ve underwent the whole process. So, if you’re feeling blue and helpless, don’t fret because like the following people, you will still have the ability to change the world and live like you never had it in the first place. Other than that, keep in mind that the only thing that sets you apart from people without ostomy is the way you excrete waste, so don’t feel down!

Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Crossing the Alps

If you’re not familiar with this name, you may want to open a history book once again. Napoleon was the Emperor of France, and a brilliant leader, general and military tactician. During the Napoleonic Wars, he won a string of victories that made France one of the most influential and strongest countries at the time. He fought against the powerful British and even ruled most of Western Europe by securing key alliances and putting his relatives on the thrones.

Although he had lost the Battle of Waterloo and went into exile, his reforms and legacy to the French people remains unforgotten. Keep in mind that he did everything with an early colostomy bag, so like him, don’t let your condition dictate your mindset. Being an ostomate isn’t a disability!

Rolf Benirschke

Rolf Benirshcke as a speaker. Photo from:

If you’re a Chargers fan, then you’re definitely familiar with this man’s name. Rolf Benirschke was a former placekicker of the San Diego Chargers, and he played more than seven seasons after his ostomy surgery. Before the 1979 season, he collapsed during a team flight and was operated twice, removing his large intestine in the process. After the surgery, he returned to the field and played from 1980-1987, becoming the team’s all-time scoring leader at 766.

Although playing contact sports isn’t recommended if you have ostomy, Rolf Benirschke is an exception and an inspiration for all ostomates. After his career, he hosted the TV show The Wheel of Fortune for some time and is now a public speaker for numerous institutions.

Dwight Eisenhower

Dwight D. Eisenhower official White House Portrait

If you think Obama’s having a tough time as president, you shouldn’t forget about Dwight Eisenhower, the 34th President of the United States who served from 1953-1961. During his time at the office, he had to undergo ostomy due to Crohn’s disease, which was a really tricky situation. This is so considering the operation was risky due to a number of factors, like him suffering a heart attack a few months before. Overall, Eisenhower is known to be one of the best presidents of his time, and he fared really well considering that his presidency was marred by numerous worldwide incidents and conflicts. He did all that with an ostomy bag on his abdomen.

Overall, the aforementioned people didn’t have the help of institutions like Ostomycares, yet they followed their dreams and managed to either wage war, play football and even serve as president. Once again, keep in mind that your condition shouldn’t keep you down and out!

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