The Most Expensive Beds in the World: Sleeping on Piles of Cash

Sleeping is awesome – it’s what most people are good at – given that it’s a physiological need and a perfect way to relieve stress. What better way to do this than on an insanely expensive and comfortable bed? You’d be surprised to know that some people have even bought these beds, presumably because they prioritize the way they sleep more than their retirement fund. You could say that they have a lot of money to spare – but hey, you’d sleep on something made out of piles of cash, right? Anyway, let’s cut to the chase and look at some of the world’s insanely expensive beds:

Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed – $50,000

credits: lazypenguins.com
credits: lazypenguins.com

Snoring is a problem that costs fifty grand, simply because Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed costs that much. Why would you spend this much money on a hunk of foam and upholstered cloth? Well, you could justify this by saying that it has the capability to reduce snoring, by raising the body by several degrees. We have no idea if this is a fact or a fallacy, but one thing is for sure: it’s cool. Of all things, it comes with an iPod slot (who still uses theirs?), along with an Internet connection and adjustable temperature settings!

The Sphere Bed – $50,000

Shame that it doesn't come with a disco ball. Credits: luxurylaunches.com
Shame that it doesn’t come with a disco ball. Credits: luxurylaunches.com

Although it hardly looks like a sphere, the Sphere Bed got its name from this shape, even if it looks more like a trapezoid. Luxury costs $50,000, and it’s definitely something that this bed provides. This is designed by acclaimed artist Karim Rashid (now you know the guy calling a trapezoid a “sphere”) and it features a number of amazing capabilities: a flat screen TV, a champagne holder, a mirror and LED lights. Disappointingly though, it doesn’t come with a disco ball, though it can come with a color of your choice!

The Magnetic Floating Bed – $1.6 million

It floats
It floats

Yes, you read that right: not the price, but the hover bed. The Magnetic Floating Bed is definitely a futuristic depiction of how we’ll sleep after a few centuries, unless if our offspring will deem in impractical. This is designed by architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars, presumably called the Steve Jobs of the bed industry. Jokes aside the mechanism and the science behind the hover bed is as complicated as how you pronounce the name of its designer. Anyway, it weighs over 1500 lbs because of the multitude of magnets it has inside, and it is held DOWN (because it would drift away) by wires. So, if you have a truckload of money and looking to invest into the future, try out the hover bed – unless if you don’t want to hit the floor three times during the night.

Jado Steel Style Gold Bed – $680,000

Jado Golden Bed
Jado Golden Bed

Although this isn’t the most expensive bed in this entry, it looks like it’s the most anyway, being made of gold. Who wouldn’t want to sleep on a bed fit for kings? Other than gold,
it is adorned with Swarovski Crystals (luxury glass) and has a few nifty features, like a DVD player, a sound system – presumably put if you want to party while sleeping – a Playstation 3, a gold-coated foldaway TV and can be connected to the Internet. Beat that, hover bed!

Overall, we can’t even dream of having these beds around inside our rooms. It’s just too impractical, but hey, if you’ve got cash or if you won the lottery, try these beds out. However, if you want traditional beds which are as (or even more) comfortable, you could try visiting your local furniture store, or go to Bedworks.

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