Excellent Tips In Organizing Office For Increased Productivity

Does your unorganized office slow you down? If so, then you have to start cleaning up your clutter today and give your office a little makeover. Seeing piles of paper here, there and everywhere is not a conducive place to work in because it gives a heavy mood and an inconvenient feeling.  A clutter-free and organized office can help you move with ease when you are working and according to experts, it could also help increase productivity. It feels great to work in such a clean, neat and tidy office which is also a great motivation to kick-start your day in the office.


Despite the advancements in technology such as iPad, e-mails and other electronic gadgets or devices, still it is quite impossible for offices to achieve a 100% paperless environment. In fact, paper works are one of the biggest blunders that every office is having a hard time to overcome- they just keep coming! If there are paper works everywhere, there’s a little space for you to think and arrange your tasks accordingly which results to an inefficient quality of work that can also cause stress. To help increase productivity, here are few of the many excellent tips in organizing office.


1. Purge Paper

Anywhere you look, you will be overwhelmed by onslaught paper works, so you have to take control of this clutter. You have to clear up your desk and develop a system to organize your papers such as: shredding the unnecessary, filing the important and as much as possible assign a color code for your paper works. Assign a different color on a particular category so that you will easily find what you are looking for and it would be easy for you to keep track of them.


2. Keep Paper Off Your Desk


To give you extra space for you to work on, assign a particular spot wherein you and your office mates could drop off memos, expense reports, white papers, bills and other documentation. This way, you could avoid adding more clutter within your desk and you can manage the incoming paper works.

3. Store in Containers


Keep a storage container in handy for your office supplies and put them on one side of the office. This will give your office a decluttered look as well as a systemized workplace. You can use drawers or basket and bins for storage and don’t forget to put a label on it to avoid mixing it with others. For your files, don’t forget to put a label as well especially if you have assigned a separate box.

4. Categorize

category files

Organize your files, documents and supplies by dividing them into categories and place the items together. This will give your office a more functional look and will make it easier for you to locate things as well as avoid clutter.


5. Redesign Office


To give your office a new and exciting look, you can redesign your office. You can add extra space in the room by placing a filing cabinet under the printer or to the left of the desk in which you can easily access you files or documents. You can move the furniture such as desks and drawers around maximize your space. Don’t over stuff one side of the room instead leave some wiggle room and follow useful tips in redesigning office space.

6. Clear Desktop


Don’t put everything on your desktop that you no longer have enough space to work on, instead have a neat desk top with space where you can work freely and think clearly. Keep a portion of your desk clutter-free by using vertical and incline sorters to help you prevent documents, files and papers from piling up. Yes, a family photo would look nice but your desk is not the perfect place for it, try assigning another area for example a cabinet, where you can display it.

7. Utilize Desk Drawers or Wall Space


Maximize your office space by utilizing the extra space in your wall. This space can be used to hang file systems, shelving books or magazines and calendars. You can even hang a portrait or your family picture in the wall so that you will have extra inspiration while working.


Organizing office space can be a handful task but certainly you would love the results and your will see the difference it could make. While organizing, you might need extra space for storing some other important files or office equipment, computer peripherals and other office items, do you have to do choose the right business storage solutions that would work best for you. Keeping everything organized and clutter-free would give you more space for doing to tasks and thinking clearly. It will lift you mood, provide light environment and a positive vibes to boost your productivity. Start today and see the great difference tomorrow!

If you have more amazing tips to add, please feel free to add it up in the comments!

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