Spending the Holiday Season with the Elders

We have a lot of experiences in life. We spent most of our time making memories with our friends, colleagues, family, special someone and with everyone around us. The holiday season is fast approaching and each of us is ready to make another set of memories that we could treasure in the future. The last holiday season was a great fun for me spending my days with the elders. It’s a mere fact that every person has the ability to be happy in his or own unique way. It’s about discovering the mystery of loving and giving. Looking back last year, I made a wonderful Holiday with the elders.

What’s the Difference of Being with the Elders?

As a person grows old, everything about him or her are changing. Let’s count on the appearance, the ability and the attitude. Elders needs special attention and care. They are prone to accidents and very sensitive. They felt insecure sometimes, and loosing their self esteem because they are thinking that they are less useful anymore. But what is the best thing about elders? They are caring people and they love to tell stories. They will tell you something about their lives when they were still young, their experiences that will make you laugh and cry. The moment you hear them tell you their stories, it will make you realize how successful, strong, and dedicated persons they are. You get inspired by their amazing experiences and they teach you a lesson. Elders are full of wisdom, and you need to listen to them.

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As you look at their fading, beautiful faces, you can figure out thousands of smiles that had once formed in that lips, how many cracks of laughter burst out from those mouths, and how many glasses of tears, fall down from those eyes. When you look at those trembling hands, that’s full of callus, you will be able to see how many beautiful things were made by those hands and seeing those weak knees, you will visualize how long is the road it has gone through.

Elders are the great epitome of success, whatever achievement they may have or how high is the degree or education they have gained over the years. When you hear them say a word of wisdom to the younger ones, you will be able to know that they are really great.

Spending the Holiday with Them


Elders should feel very special this holiday. On occasions like this, many are getting indifferent because they are thinking that they are less important in this celebration. There are so many things we can do to let them feel that they are counted, and that they still belong to the generation. They may or not, expect any gift from us, but to give them the greatest gift is the best way we can do. Let’s offer them something they will not forget.

In different countries like in Japan, China, Scotland and other countries, they have different cools things doing with their elders. They are celebrating a day just for elders and make them feel special during that day. But this holiday season, everyone can make their elders feel recognized.

Aged people can appreciate the material things like cards, letters, clothing and any other thing that will serve as a remembrance. Elders are becoming sentimental and they are keeping the things that are valuable to them.


Most of all, they would appreciate your presence. There’s nothing could be better than spending a Holiday with your complete family. Elders are often left alone to places like home for the aged when the children are already having their work and their own family. This fact really affects our elders that is why they get frustrated when they realized that they have aged. Let’s make this Holiday season a time to spend with our elders. They could never ask for more than that. Let’s eat with them, talk with them and sleep with them and we will be able to understand why they want our attention. Giving them time is the best gift we can give to them. Discover the secret of love and giving this Holiday!



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