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Looking into Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes also known as vaporizers had been people’s choice because they wanted to quit from smoking. There are certain questions asked about how healthy are electronic cigarettes to the health of the people and why are other countries banning these devices. Both questions can only be answered when they get to know an electronic cigarette and try it themselves.

The History of Electronic Cigarettes

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At the year 1963, Herbert Gilbert invented the first model of electronic cigarette. This invention only replaces the tobacco burning process into the moist flavored air. This device has no nicotine content and purely made of flavored steam. This first invention did not make it to the taste of the people. It was not even sold in the market. In the year 2003, another device was developed by a Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik. This device is made to be nicotine containing and was called a vaporizer. It was then the beginning of the manufacturing of the battery operated vaporizers

Electronic cigarettes are devices that allow a person to breathe in vaporized nicotine, and simulating the process of smoking a tobacco. This devise has an atomizer that vaporizes the e-liquid with the use of the power of the battery. Some electronic cigarettes look exactly like actual tobacco that you may mistaken with. E-cigs have hidden chambers where the atomizers are placed together with the flavored liquid converted into vapors which are appearing to be like a real smoke.

Electronic Cigarettes in the Market

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From few to thousands of different industries had been already producing electronic cigarettes all over the world. According to researches, wide range of electronic cigarette users had been found all over the world. Most of the consumers are those who are trying to quit from a more dangerous Tobacco. As experts tried to study the use of e-cigs, it has been found out that more of the people, including adults, teens and even children are trying to use electronic cigarettes.

The sudden widespread use of blucigs electronic cigarettes has abruptly push tobacco markets to compete with the devices. Some issues and campaigns like banning electronic cigarettes are even suspected to be tobacco companies’ way of making its way to the crowd again but those were just stories. Countries might be truly banning electronic cigarettes because of the fact that even children are starting to use the product. Electronic cigarette using and selling is still legal like tobacco’s only that these are not allowed to be sold to children under age.

Electronic Cigarettes to the Health of People

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Electronic cigarettes are less nicotine containing devices making them more preferred by people than those traditional tobacco. Nicotine is a dangerous chemical that mostly tobacco is incorporating. Tobacco is also rich in other carcinogenic elements that can harm the health of the people. According to studies, cancer causing elements can mostly be found in tobacco.

Smoking quitters are preferably choosing electronic cigarettes because it only contains few amount of nicotine. Aside from that, no more harmful elements are found. That description of electronic cigarettes really helped the products reach the peak of popularity. So far, no issues about the negative effects of electronic cigarettes had been reported. Studies are still going on to specifically find out the harmful effects that an electronic cigarette can give to users.

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