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Way Better SEO Using LinkedIn Publishing Platform

If you try asking the search engines how many members are there in LinkedIn, they will tell you it’s 300 million+ members. Yes, and that’s probably one of the main reasons why search engines value this platform in assessing their result pages.

LinkedIn is ideal for online businesses in hitting good position in search engine result pages (SERP). There are a satisfying number of customers who are engaged with this platform. For online businesses, using LinkedIn will more likely improve your SEO campaign, not only in driving traffic to your site, but also to improve your sales as well.

Effective Use of LinkedIn: Tips that Could Help Your Business

You will do as much as you could to get a better sale because it’s a sign of a business growth. What’s the essence of doing a business without earning a profit? It’s pointless indeed. There are various platforms available on the web and your aim is to use what’s ideal – one that would yield results to your campaign. So as you embrace LinkedIn in your strategy, here are some tips on how to make the most out of this platform.

Establish Your LinkedIn Presence

LinkedIn Presence
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1. Complete Your Profile

  • fill out every field
  • make use of descriptive keywords, but not too much

Note that the more information you provide, the more searches you will be relevant to LinkedIn. And yes, don’t stuff your profile with too much keywords, unless, it won’t look interesting to read. Though keywords can help you with the ‘crawling’, you shouldn’t divert from the goal of keeping your readers and visitors enticed.

2. Good URL

What constitutes a good URL?

  • catchy
  • easy to remember
  • use keywords if possible

example: seoexpertpage

Catchy means that the URL contains a brief information what it is about. From the given example, it is easily defined that the site contains information about SEO experts of a particular company. The mixed words used are simple and easy to remember. And what about the keyword? You can check the a keyword planner to see that SEO expert is one of the keywords commonly searched on the engines. Every aspect of URL creation has an impact to your overall visibility in LinkedIn and the search engines.

3. Job Titles Contain Keywords

Job titles are important, knowing that you are in a competition. This is not about bragging of your title. Logically, a hiring company will choose someone who has a clear detail of what he does and what he has accomplished. Make it descriptive with an intelligent use of keywords.

4. Network Expansion

The search results on LinkedIn depend a lot on your network of friends, colleagues, as well as your business contacts. This will show your audience the people that you know and their connections, making you as someone who is reliable.

5. Join and Be Active in Relevant Groups

The group you have joined with will help LinkedIn determine the search terms which are relevant to you. Be mindful of the relevancy of the group to your niche and try to be active. Active groups help each other in getting the top ranks on the result page. Interact by providing valuable answers to other people’s questions.

6. Upload A Picture

It’s mainly for recognition to help people find you easily. There are probably hundreds of people with the same name as yours so provide a picture that clearly shows your face.

So give LinkedIn a try. These tips can help you get started in building your presence – all for a way better SEO campaign.

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