Can Social Media Ruin or Make Your Personal Injury Case Win?

Status Update: Had a couple of Martini shots on a friends par-tey. Feeling tipsy, but still can manage to drive.. Oh yea!

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Leak of Information

Say you just caught a road accident. You have to admit it’s devastating, not to mention, recovering from such incident can be too overwhelming. Most of the time, the defendant does not want to admit the fault. Else, the person at fault do not want to provide an amount of compensation to settle the case.

On the other hand, here comes the other driver, updating his status on his social networking site. It was then you knew that he had been drinking which caused him to drive unconsciously tipsy. What would the victim had to say with this? You have to admit, the internet is so powerful that it can lead to the clue to win the case, or it could also ruin it and bring you down.

Picture Uploaded

Okay, so you had fun at a Holiday trip with some friends. Wait, didn’t you just had a back injury? The internet can be beneficial. But, it also has its own drawbacks. In other words, it can ruin ones life, too. Would you agree? There are times where opposing lawyers would have access to your social media account or page and will be able to prove that you never incurred the injuries and damages from that accident.

Sometimes, social media can get out of hand.

Let’s just say you never caused the road accident to happen. The police try to accuse you and wanted to let the other party believe that it was your fault. Along with your rage, you posted some rants on your social network account. A number of your friends in your network commented on the updates and photos you have posted. From there, that incident spread and went viral.

It’s sad to know that there are some people who misunderstood the power of social media.

How to deal your social network when involved in a personal injury case?

What should be the best approach? The best thing is to do is to treat all your comments and other posts the way it was. It is wise to limit your post and give room for your private status updates. In short, you must not post anything you think you could not do. If you wanted to post about your personal injury case, limit it to few and not to personal updates. Otherwise, the other party might be taking advantage of your social media account and use it against you. Also, you have to work with your lawyer. These days, it is impossible for your personal injury attorney not to have knowledge with regard to this matter. In fact, more lawyers, including Accidentattorneyhelp consider the other party’s posts as evidence and prove the case and make it worth. So, if you’re in doubt, it’s best not to post at all and make the matters worse.

Think before you press that ‘post’ button. You wouldn’t want to make regrets in the end.

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