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7 Health and Beauty Tips for Travelers

Traveling comes with oily skin, greasy hair, burnt skin, red eyes, and more. It is important to understand that bringing the essential travel kit is your lifesaver to prevent these. Having the right travel beauty items might not seem like a top priority, but living out of a suitcase shouldn’t mean ignoring your skin and hair.

When you are traveling, it is hard to keep your daily routine in check, especially your skincare. However, with the right essentials for your skin that are easy to pack and bring, you can ensure to preserve a new and bright appearance no matter where your travels take you with.

Below are some of the health and beauty tips to remember when you are a traveler.

1. Maintain similar things as possible with your daily routine.

In general, it’s best to stick to your skincare routine as much as possible. You don’t have to bring other skincare products or add other products that you think are not needed. Maintaining a daily routine is particularly important for those attempting to control skin conditions while traveling.

Patients often complain of irritated skin, eczema, or acne breakouts after flying, according to dermatologists. They advised their travelers to keep this aspect to a minimum by keeping to a home routine. There are a number of reasons that cause skin changes while traveling, but one of them might be straying from one’s daily skincare routine.

The easiest way to do so is to purchase travel-sized versions of your favorite pieces. If those aren’t accessible, you can divide the product into smaller containers to travel.

2. Bring only the essentials, if you’ll travel light.

Stick to the basics if you need or want to travel light. Just bring your makeup wipes, face cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Make sure that your sunscreen has at least SPF30 and bring a higher SPF when you are going to a tropical or hot country. All these items are necessities for light packing. If you need to, you can miss the toners and serums for the time being.

3. Small containers for your skincare products.

These days, there are plenty of excellent skincare items available in travel-friendly sizes. If your favorites aren’t available in minis, there are a few other options. Just transfer your skincare products to smaller containers that are perfect for light packing.

You can just add the amount you think you need for the whole trip without bringing a big amount. For small amounts like eye cream, you can use contact lens cases to optimize space savings.

4. Think ahead about the dry plane ride.

Long plane trips mean dry skin. To keep your skin hydrated while you are in flight, you can use a thick facial moisturizer. You can apply it prior to boarding or when you are inside the plane—using hydrating sheet masks, under-eye masks, or facial mists when flying can also be beneficial and soothing.

Moreover, depends on what place you are going to, you can adjust your routine. For dry places, you can increase the amount of moisturizer.

5. Don’t forget your eyes and lips.

Your eyes and lips could be the parts of your face that experience the most effects whether you’re on a dry plane ride or changing time zones. Also, eyes and lips have the thinnest skin in your face area. It is delicate, which is why it needs gentle and special care.

Make sure to bring your eye cream and lip balm with SPF. If you are not going to tropical or hot countries, still, getting an SPF to your skin is vital.

6. Don’t forget about your physical health.

After all, true beauty comes from the inside. Staying hydrated is the best way to keep your skin smooth and safe, and it’s even more necessary when you’re flying, so bring a water bottle.

Drink water whenever you are traveling, as this will keep you on the go. When you are on the flight, you can ask for water and drink it from time to time, especially for a long flight, avoid drinking caffeine or alcohol.

By the time you get to your destination, your body is hydrated, and you will feel calm and at ease knowing you take care of yourself during your flight.


Now that you know some of the best health and beauty tips you can do for your next travel, ensure that you keep yourself healthy and ready. Have fun on your next adventure!

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