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10 Essential Amsterdam Travel Tips

Amsterdam is on the wishlist of tourists from all over the world. More than 18 million tourists visit the city every year, ranging from weekend visitors to tulip chasers and those looking to immerse themselves in Dutch culture. The city boasts excellent infrastructure and is very tourist-friendly, but it also sees a surge in tourism.

In this post, we’ve compiled a collection of the best travel and Amsterdam cruise advice verified by locals to assist you in exploring the city for the first time.

10 Amsterdam Travel Tips

Rent A Bike

One of the most significant recommendations for exploring Amsterdam is to go on your bike trip while you’re there. You can simply rent a bike from one of the numerous cycle rental businesses scattered around the city; browse around to get the best price. When you hire a bike, you may quickly go exploring for a day or two, or you can just rent the bicycle for a few hours.

Cycle around the city to see the suburbs, visit the parks or even take a day excursion out of Amsterdam by bike. If you rent a bike, you may also ride around the Dutch countryside.

Travel In Spring

The ideal time to visit Amsterdam is in the spring, from April to May. The weather is beautiful, and it’s tulip season! September to November are particularly ideal for visiting Amsterdam since the weather is pleasant, especially for exploring the canals and countryside, and there are fewer visitors to cope with.

Summer in Amsterdam is usually a good time, with music performances and summer festivals. In the winter, the city becomes chilly and dismal, but airfares are cheap, and there are few visitors, giving you plenty of time to explore the city’s museums and interior attractions.

Identify Coffee Shops and Cafés

Learn the distinction between coffee shops and cafés and keep it in mind at all times. Indeed, there is a significant distinction between the two: one is for your regular latté (cafés), and the other is for purchasing and smoking marijuana and hash (coffee shops); the distinction is significant.

Bring Your Camera

Several of Amsterdam’s canalside homes date back to the city’s golden era, and as a result, they are ancient, eccentric, and stunningly attractive.

Many of these old houses are now preserved as house museums, which can be seen throughout the city, and photographing them makes for a beautiful souvenir to take home with you. Listed here is a guide to the most delicate travel photography equipment for your European explorations.

Check-in Outside The Centrum

The Centrum, or center district of Amsterdam, is one of the city’s most attractive areas. However, it is also the most touristic, and if you want to see how the people live, you must go farther out from the Ring.

Noord, West (Bos en Lomer, Oud West, Westerpark, De Barrsjes), Zuid (Museum Quarter, De Pijp, Oud-Zuid, Zuidas), Oost, Zuidoost, Diemen, Amstelveen, and Bijmar are some excellent places to stay in.

Cross The Ring For Picturesque Sights

Amsterdam has a lot to offer, but if you’re staying longer than 24 hours, go out to the countryside to experience basic rural life. Windmills, meandering canals, and vast fields typical of the Netherlands may be seen here.

Choose from day trips to Volendam, Edam, Zaanse Schans, Marken, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Giethoorn. Headout group tours are inexpensive; they assist with trip planning, are always inclusive of bus transfers, and guarantee your day is jam-packed with activities.

Keep Summer Evenings Free For Concerts

Summer is the perfect season to visit Amsterdam if you want to let your hair down and enjoy a night out. On any given weekend, there are over 200 activities taking place. Kwaku Summer Festival, Vondelpark Open Air Theatre, ARTIS Summer Nights, and Pride Amsterdam are among the most popular summer events. In Sloterplas and Amsterdam Bos, urban beaches open up for swimming, and rooftop terraces transform into party sites.

Always Carry An Umbrella

The weather in Amsterdam is very variable. The city receives on average 200 days of rain each year, which means the possibility of you being caught in the rain is relatively high if you visit. Always have a raincoat or umbrella on hand, regardless of what the forecast app predicts will be the weather conditions.

Know the Red Light District Etiquettes

The Red Light District in Amsterdam has historically. It operates brothels where sex workers may do their business securely, but increased tourism has transformed it into a voyeuristic tourist attraction.

You should undoubtedly attend if you want to see a different side of Amsterdam, but avoid organized tours since they are prohibited. Don’t snap photos of the ladies in the windows and conduct business with street sellers. Behave as you would in any other city neighborhood.

Rent A Boat In Amsterdam

There is no better way to view the highlights of Amsterdam than from its famous canals by renting a private boat Amsterdam like the bootuitjes. Traversing the city’s waterways is a distinctively Dutch experience, whether you take a sightseeing cruise, a diving expedition, or a boat tour that provides a little bit of everything. On a thorough canal tour, you’ll get a unique view of Amsterdam’s major sights, and you’ll cruise the capital city’s ancient canals on a classic glass-enclosed canal boat.

It is pretty simple to hire a boat. To hire a small boat on the Amsterdam canals, you do not need a license or prior expertise. Of course, we will provide you with detailed personal instructions before departure. If you want, you may even drive the boat yourself, even if you lack expertise or a license. Before you leave, we will offer you personal instructions on how to handle the vehicle and the fundamental regulations. There is nothing to worry about as long as you follow these guidelines.

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