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What to Know: How to Travel During COVID-19 Pandemic

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You want to take the risk and travel, do you? Well, in this COVID-19 pandemic-ridden world, that’s going to be a little trickier than normal. Nobody knows how long this virus will last, and where it’s going to hit next. But if traveling is simply unavoidable in a time like this, this is how to travel during COVID-19 pandemic.

The time frame for positive cases to start diminishing is unknown. And even when a decrease happens, it’s worth considering that the virus might return.

Of course, before you read this or look up any other travel tips, know that the first place you need to look to for advice is the CDC web page, along with destinations with COVID-19 alerts.

Pandemic Travel Dilemmas You Should Consider:

Travel suppliers and governments have taken action and imposed rolling responses in addition to cancellations and rule changes. 

However, travelers face three main areas of risk that you need to carefully consider. And you need this if you want to know how to travel during COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Acquiring sickness: This one is too obvious. It’s either you catch the virus before you leave home or while you’re away. Plus, being sick with severe COVID-19 is not fun. It’s too much of a fatal risk. People with existing medical problems and seniors are at a higher risk. Airlines and hotels have made advances for their cleaning processes during COVID-19.
  • Being quarantined: If traveling is unavoidable, you face the possibility of immediate quarantine that lasts for 14 days. If you’re lucky, you might be able to have it at home. The more common scenario is that you’ll be placed in a strange city.
  • Cancellations: Changing traveling arrangements entail big cancellation penalties.

How to Travel During COVID-19 Pandemic

Evidently, if you haven’t yet made payments and set up any firm arrangements for a trip, the obvious choice is to refrain. Most of the time, it’s smarter to wait for further COVID-19 developments at home or from traveling websites.

But if you need to travel, even domestically, in spite of the pandemic, you can still protect yourself physically by following the advice of healthcare professionals.

Financially, part of how to travel during COVID-19 pandemic, includes:

  • Staying informed: No matter where you travel, stay informed through the latest news on the road. Bookmark resources and check news alerts, just like the CDC and the World Health Organization travel pages.
  • Avoid nonrefundable bookings: Or at the very least, make sure that any such bookings are with suppliers that agreed to waive change penalties. Most of the time, that means you should book directly rather than through agencies. This works really well for hotels, but not so much for air tickets. Refundable fares are more costly than the nonrefundable ones these days.
  • Possibility of a 14-day quarantine: Take enough of your necessary medications with you to cover an unexpected or extended time away from home. Or at the very least, arrange for someone at home, so you can get what you need even if you’re delayed.

Continue to stay safe!

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