5 Types of People You Will Definitely Meet in Fortnite

The Scoop: Fortnite is still one of the most popular battle royale games of today. With so many people playing the game, you are sure that they are carrying their own strategy with them. Here are some types of people you can meet while playing Fortnite.

It seems that no one expected Fornite’s massive popularity in the gaming community. Not even the company that developed it as well. However, Fornite is here to stay with the continued increase of active players and leaving competing games to stagnate.

One of the perks that the game offers is by being free for all players. Therefore, you can bet that there will be a lot of players that will jump at a chance for a free game. This leads to encountering different people with different strategies in tow to survive the game.

Here are the types of people that you’ll most likely meet when playing the game.

The Charismatic Dancer

Via Epic Games

These players will do everything they can just to have a chance to dance. They will dance when they get a new equipment. They will dance when their squad needs to be in sneak mode. They even dance when they get a kill. However, no matter that the last part is definitely a bit of a taunt to the player they just killed, dancing might actually be the reason for their death. Not only that dancing can make your character highly recognizable by other players in the vicinity, it is also accompanied by music. What’s a dance without music anyway?

The People in the Bush

Via AllGamers

Survival of the fittest as the saying goes. However, it can also be survival of those who are clever in disguise. Before, everyone is looking for a perfect place to hide from enemies and waiting for the right time to nuke them. They may hide behind the door of the house or squeeze themselves into a small corner of a cupboard. Then the discovery of stealth mode in bushes. Game developers noticed the significance of the bush and even included a legendary bush item for players to have from treasure chests. A bit silly to be wearing one but its rather super effective.

The Tilted Tower Risk Takers

tilted towers
Via Kotaku

Upon playing Fortnite, you get to start the game by jumping off the battle bus and land on a place where you can start the killing. There are two common ways where you can start off the game based on your style. Play-it-safe by landing on the outskirts just far enough from the storm eye. Or landing right into Tilted Towers where the killings are extreme but so are the bounty. These risk takers choose the second option. They live for danger and they are willing to gamble on everything they’ve got to rush head-on to Tilted Towers.

The Eagle-Eyed Snipers

Via GameSpot

These eagle-eyed players thrive in far away places and nailing their opponents from afar. They have the scoped sniper rifle down pat and revel in the kills that they make while they are safely tucked away in a high or hidden place. These players are more likely to survive the longest because of that. What makes these sniper players daunting is the fact that you will never get to see them before they blow you off from the game.

The Emperor of Fort Building

Via Reddit

Fort building is one of Fortnite’s charm. This enables the players to create not only beautiful fort but sturdy and durable ones as well. However, there are squads that sometimes make up two or more master builders. These players are able to keep themselves alive long enough to survive while gathering materials. At the near end of the game, they will begin constructing impenetrable forts that many players complained about the overpowered fortresses. The game developers did level the playfield by adding weapons that can destroy such forts.

Which Type of Fortnite Player Are You?

There are plenty of people playing the game playing in their own unique style as they try and do their best to live for as long as they can. Fortnite keeps on growing as more and more players begin playing. You will definitely meet more players that can intrigue you with their way of playing.

So what type of Fornite player are you?

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