Google Drive Incorporates AI as a “Shared with Me” File Organizer

The Scoop: Say goodbye to the clutter and unorganized chaos at the “Shared with Me” section of your Google Drive. Google drive incorporates AI to make organizing and navigating through your files easily.

Google drive is a valuable tool when it comes to working with a team or with a group. It is undeniable that the navigating experience there is not top-notch. Especially if you are making use of G Suite business applications and poring over through the “Shared with Me” section.

However, worry no more and expect easier file navigation. Why? Google announced on their blog the improvements they made for a smoother G Suite drive experience.

Google Drive
Via G Suite Updates

You will be able to see the list files along with the people that shared those documents with you. You can either access the files by clicking on the document or searching it through the owner who shared it with you. The latter method is becoming a popular method of searching documents through the drive.

AI for Intelligent Organizing

The Artificial Intelligence will be able to monitor and predict your behavior. This way it can suggest what documents and file owners that you are likely to access.

Furthermore, browsing for your documents on the drive becomes much easier with the implementation of Quick Access.

Google Drive1
Via G Suite Updates

According to their blog, the update will be available to all G Suite editions and end user in two weeks. They also promised to launch more AI-powered advancements soon.

So what do you think about this upcoming update?

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