Light Phone 2: This Device Might Be the Key to Solving Your Phone Addiction

The Scoop: Phone addiction is very severe nowadays, however, it is paid little to no attention. With Light Phone 2, you will be able to curb your smartphone addiction without having to sacrifice your source of connectivity.

We are all dependent on our gadgets. We even go through a lot just to get it back again if it gets lost. One of our most used devices is our smartphones.

Almost all of our activities are done while using it. Homework, job, social media and more. We might as well build our lives around it. That ultimately results in smartphone addiction. People don’t get to fully live their lives because of facing the small screens of their phones day and night.

However, there’s a cure for that. If you wanted to move on from your smartphone addiction but you still wanted to get connected to the people around you, use Light Phone 2.

The startup company Light already presented a Light Phone in 2014 and now they are showcasing a new and improved model.

Get Rid of the Heavy Apps and Go Light



Light Phone only features telling the time and making and receiving calls. Light Phone 2, on the other hand, is a bit between the standard phone and the previous model.

The new version is equipped with the feature of texting, providing direction and listening to music aside from calling and telling the time.

So what do you think about this new phone?

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