Twitter Users Rejoices as Twitter Suspended A List of Tweetdeckers

The Scoop: Recently, Twitter suspended a list of Tweetdeckers that has been running rampant on the social media platform. Several “popular” accounts have been suspended due to stealing other people’s posts, memes, and jokes.

A lot of famous Twitter accounts(some I even follow myself) were suspended by Twitter due to Tweetdecking. What is tweetdecking?

Tweetdecking and/or tweetdeckers are Twitter users that are involved in a secret and exclusive Tweetdeck group. Users in this group mass retweet their own tweets which lead to forced virality. Furthermore, they also ask for payment to other people who wanted their content to go viral on Twitter.

However, that’s not all. They also steal other people’s tweet, memes, and jokes. Either passing it as their own or not bothering from crediting the owner.

After Buzzfeed’s report about tweetdecking, Twitter took action to announce a new spam-fighting campaign to Tweetdeck and to Twitter controlling both bots and tweetdeckers.

The Taste of Justice

With all the suspension happening, you can bet that there are a lot of people who are rejoicing. This applies to those who are tired of seeing the same tweet on their timelines and to those who fell victim to content stealing.





The Lament of the Loss

And of course, some are sad about the suspension.




Justice is Still Served

A lot of people know that the internet is a big, big place. And the general rule of thumb, stealing other people’s content without their credit, whether on Twitter or any other place on the net, is a big no-no.

Even though I sympathize with those who are saddened by the loss(I was an avid follower of Common White Girl), I still think that Twitter did the right thing.

How about you? What did you think about the suspensions?

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